Saturday, November 12, 2011

seasons of change

Well we are about to embark on a new journey or new chapter in our life and it scares the death out of me. I have to keep reminding myself that this is God's plan and and all will work out. My husband took a new job and we will have to move to a new town where we will not know anyone. We will be leaving our church that we made a home in because it is the first and only church that ever made me feel that way, it deeply saddens me. So please pray for us over the next few months that this will all work out as it is God's will.

On that note we are trying to get ready for the holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas, as i have to remind myself for this is God's plan for me and after everything he endured for me alone is so worth all of this. His ultimate sacrifice for us was he gave his life for our sins, He was beaten, crucified, buried and then arose again for our sins. So on that note why am i so scared of making this change, God was never scared or worried about what was going to happen to him so therefore why should a worry. I should look at this as he is giving me an opportunity to spread my wings and to help spread his word to people. I am to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ because there are so many people out there that don't know who he is. So God has a pla
n for me in this.

I hope everyone enjoys this holiday season and may God bless you all


Friday, March 4, 2011

the miracle that proves God DOES exist

On sunday we had a miracle performed by God himself and so i just have to share................

As we walked out of the church doors on Sunday and got headed down the interstate to pick up my grand kids the cell started to ring and it was my best friend calling to tell me the fire department is at our house and that my back yard was on fire flames were high all i could think was that my house was going to burn down please Jesus don't let that happen.............we prayed and prayed and everyone at church prayed by the time we got home which almost 45 min later the fire chief says "I'm not sure i can explain to you why your house is still standing my response was DUH it was a God thing." the fire stopped at one point at the side of the house and moved to the back yard came up the back side of our house where there is smoke damage and jumped over a propane tank by our back door and shifted to another part of the yard instead of my house.......It was as if
God were standing right there directing it which way to go. Our neighbor was burning in their back yard and left the fire unattended and the wind picked up and began to blow our way............ by the time it was all over and i had calmed down my only response to these kids well grown kids known as my neighbors was " if you guys don't believe in God just step back here in my back yard and ill prove to you that he does exist and why he exist.............Needless to say they are going to church on Sunday..................

Moral of this story is my faith in God is so much stronger than before and i cant waite to start sharing the world of the gospel...........anyone who reads this and isnt quite sure that God exist feel free to email me and we can chat i can prove to you that he does and what it takes to be saved and become a child of God............

In his hands