Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a cracked egg

Well, Easter is coming & there is talk around here about dying eggs soon. Fina posted something this morning about her being a cracked egg and that too got me to thinking............hmmm...when I think about a carton of eggs at the store - we open the carton to see if there are any cracked or broken eggs, because that is what we don't want . We don't want to buy a carton of eggs with a cracked egg or two in it. We look at that carton to make sure all the eggs appear perfect on the outside & then that is the carton we will accept -- kind of like how we pick & choose our friends or the people in our lives.WOW!! In the carnal life there are those that look at the people in this same way.The judge them by their flesh! - unforgiving of a crack or a flaw. Aren't we glad that God can see past our cracks, flaws & that he protects us when we are broken. I am thankful that my friends (who are also Christ minded) can do this too. They look past my cracks, my flaws...I am a cracked egg but yet accepted! Thank you to all my friends!

this was written by a friend sherri we will call her and it really got me to thinking as well we (most of us) pick our friends this way like we pick our eggs. if they are cracked or botched just a little bit we want no part of them and this is so wrong. Thank GOD he didn't pick us that away, because we are all sinners and we are all cracked is someway form or fashion. There is not one of us perfect except for God himself. The glory of it all is he doesn't even expect us to be perfect. He loves us for all of our cracks, all of our flaws. I think we should all look at the bigger picture(think outside the box) and really evaluate how we pick and choose our Friends ask yourself would GOD want us to pick this way and we all know what the answer would be.

SO lets be kind to our neighbors and friends because remember as Christians we all have cracks in our eggs and we aren't flawless or we wouldn't be Christians now would we?

Have a blesses day

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