Thursday, May 7, 2009


papaw helping with the track
Ok I know it has been awhile since i have written but i have had my two oldest grandsons since saturday and they are an absolute handful and blessing at the same time. I love the one on one time i get with them but that saying boys will be boys is so true. They are either fighting, playing so loud you can hear absolutely nothing, screaming at top of their lungs brother did it, mamaw he did it, mamaw i am hungry, mamaw can i have a snack. mamaw i dont want to take a nap, mamaw moma lets me jump on the couch, i think your getting the picture. i love them deeply but is it saturday yet? I thought id share some pictures with you guys so here goes.


  1. I love it! What precious time!! I can and can't wait at the same time you know?!

  2. beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing. Sarah


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