Friday, February 19, 2010


OK here goes sorry that it has been awhile but God is doing lots of great things in my life and leaves me little time to blog about everything.

I'm doing a great bible study of Revelation by Beth Moore is has opened my mind and heart about the book of Revelation.

I am also getting ready for our GIRLS NIGHT OUT sponsored by our church or you can join us on facebook at!/group.php?gid=77224710834

I am also getting ready to attend women of faith conference in Shreveport la

Thank you to my sister in Christ at I will be attending feminar next weekend
for my birthday present from her.

So see i have a very busy schedule that i love very much in glorifying my Lord and Savior because its all about him.



  1. yes you are very busy indeed,
    Love you!!!

  2. Wow, girl, you are BUSY! :-) Good for you that it's all of Him and for better place to be busy! Carry on!

    {but I am a tad jealous that I don't get to go to Feminar. Pew.}

  3. Oh, Women of Faith!!! So awesome. Wish I could go with you....

  4. Women of Faith is so awesome. You will learn so much from it. We are trying to have a girls night out at our church. I was just wondering if you could tell me more about it.My email address is on my blog.Your blog is great.
    God bless

  5. Just visiting other Texas bloggers. Howdy! I enjoyed my visit, and you're welcome at my place anytime.

  6. Hello. Fellow Texas Blogging Gal member here to let you know about a giveaway of my Snail Mail Notes. Notecards include Texas themes and scriptures. You can see giveaway details at and see my notes at


  7. LisaLynn, I am tired just reading your schedule. Hi I am Barbara, a blogger with a list of Other Texas Bloggers and would like to add your name to the list and have you come and visit and follow along with me. You have a beautiful blog.


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