Wednesday, January 13, 2010

project 365

I am no professional at this these are just some random pictures of things that mean something to me.
this first one is my table clothe and yes its a favorite even if it is not christmas any more.
2. this is one of my projects that i need to do. I got it 3 months ago and yet to put a picture one in it. a picture of my tv as i i sit and watch my soaps everyday and my question is why do they call them soaps? I see no soaps on this picture do you. I know save this for another post on another day lol.

picture 4 my sweet baby boy max tryn to give his mama sum sugars.

picture 5 yes that is max again sittin perty he is.

ok picture 6 i hope this works out right lol is max again lookn at his mam and would you look at the feet on him. hes about 12 weeks old.


  1. Great pics! Take your link and post it on the Mister Linky on Sara's post:

    That way others who are participating can link up with you. Also, that was the first time I caught the Mister Linky on her site so I guess we watch for her post on Sundays then link up.
    love ya!

  2. So glad you picked up my Texas Blogging Gals button.

    Enjoyed a first visit.

    Come join my personal blog, too!

  3. Lissa,

    Forgot to ask you to email me whether you want me to list your blog as "New Beginnings" or "Just My Thoughts."

    Just email me; address is posted on my headline bar.

  4. Hi, so nice to meet you. I’m Yoli, a fellow “Texas Blogging Gal”. I made it my goal to visit each member’s Blog. I don’t want to just “drive-thru” to meet a quota, but instead to share the gift of friendship that God gives us all. I’m excited to read your inspirational stories and see your creative works. You are always welcomed at my Apron Senorita Blog.

    God Bless You!


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