Wednesday, January 13, 2010

random dozen

1. When was the last time you craved a food--what was it, and did you cave?
Last night and it was i didn't cave only because i don't have any.

2. M & M's or Skittles?
M&M's of course because the chocolate it melts in your mouth.

3. Have you ever read the Bible completely through?
No cant say that I have.

4. How long does it take you to really wake up in the morning?
Umm honestly about 5 minutes after i get out of bed, that isn't before I get my first cigarette(yes i know nasty habit) and my first cup of coffee
5. Have you ever been on a cruise? If not, would you like to?
No i have never been on a cruise and yes I would love to but never really able to afford it.

6. Who is your favorite actress?
Sandra Bullock not sure if that is correct spelling

7. ____ is something that I will just never understand.
People who do not use there common sense.
8. How much of a technology junkie are you?
I am a big junkie i like all the new gadgets and just simply have to have them for some unknown reason.

9. Do you enjoy selecting greeting cards for people, or is it more of a cultural "have to" for you?
I enjoy picking out certain greeting cards for certain people. I believe there is one special card for every person.
10. When was the last time you got a new style/haircut?
Just a few weeks ago well right before Christmas. I absolutely love it too!

11. What do you enjoy shopping for most?
Well it is more like a who i love to shop for my daughter and my grand kids more than anything
12. What's the last thing you think of before you leave the house?
Tell my animals i will see them later when i get back home.

12. What's the last thing you think of before you leave the house?


  1. yea! you did it!!! and it is great!! ok, that is going to be one big pup!!!

    I think the overwhelming answer to #2 is M&Ms....chocolate for sure!!!


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