Tuesday, September 23, 2008


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ok here goes nothing,
sometimes we get so wrapped up in the past that we tend to forget about the present. my present being that i am walking on a path that leads to jesus christ my savior. i get closer with him everyday.

we have all had bad things that have happened to us at one time or another being as a child or as an adult but there comes a time when we must flock from our parents nest and start living on our own with our new families and when that day comes we should be willing to put the past in the past(ya know they call it the past for a reason) and start living for the present and the future. we as adults dont want our children to grow up the way we did we always want better then we ever had and i feel as if the only way to do that it to put our children first with god they need to be raised to believe that there is a god and if we turn to him thatr he will always be there for us and help us to make the right choice as long as we ask for his help. once we ask him into our hearts he will always be there.
there was a point here i was trying to make oh yea
people need to STOP living in the past and START living for the now and forever future. we have all made mistakes in our lives but as long as we have learned from our mistakes it was a good lesson learned then god is proud of us, becauase he knows we are only human and we are going to make mistakes we just have lern a hopefuly valuable lesson for them. of everyone of us would wake up in the morning and not complain about how bad we feel or who done us wrong the day before or who hurt whos feelings, if wed just wake up and say thankyou god im alive today and today is going to be a new day. forget that yesterday ever happened i am going to live for today and only today, ill worry about tomorrow when it comes imagine and long it would take before the past was completly gone and so soon forgotten about. you would have only good days to remember and to think about.

i believe this with all my heart and soul but we should wake up everyday with a positive attitude and thank god that we are still alive and breathing we have a roof over our head and cold air to keep us cool and heat to keep us warm and food to put in our bellies when there are so many out there that have nothing i just mentioned we should be thankful we do have what we have, i promise you it could be alot worse.

anyways now you know how i feel i just thought i would share with anyone who might want to read this how i was feeling today
in god we trust
love always

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